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We Provide Insurance Solutions

We Offer Personal and Business Insurances

J R Tallman & Co. Inc. solutions for all of your insurance needs. Talk to a representative in our Taunton, MA location for more information.

Personal Insurance

We will help you find the best plan to suit your needs. Our convenient electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment plans have no finance charges, no checks, and no postage.

Auto Insurance

In addition to finding the right coverage, registry of motor vehicles processes can be completed while you wait. We can issue new plates, transfer your existing plates to a new vehicle, and renew your registrations.

Homeowners, Tenants, Condo

Whether you rent or own a home or condo, we will find the right protection for you.

Boat and Yacht Insurance

Coverage for everything from dinghies to cruising yachts is available.

EVENT Insurance

Protect your investment in a specific event. If you find that you need to cancel, find yourself responsible for damage to the venue, or an injury was caused during the event, you’re covered.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

This coverage provides $1 million or more over your existing coverage for any claims made against you.

Flood Insurance

Flood damage is not included under your homeowners coverage. Flood insurance is available even in high-risk areas.

Life Insurance

Protect your assets and family with one of our insurance offerings.

Business Insurance

Your business requires specific insurance coverage to meet your needs. We offer everything from general liabilty, workers compensation, and even bonding coverage is available.

For specific details about any of our personal or business insurances, please call 508.824.4051 or contact us today for an appointment.


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